3 RED Camera Postproduction Tips for Theatrical and Television Delivery

Michael Cioni is THE POST PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR when it comes to RED. Michael is a digital post production supervisor at Plaster City Post in Hollywood and has worked on movies, TV shows and he cuts the RED Camera show reel having a very close relationship with RED. He's also an award winer kind of guy. Michael became the youngest recipient of the Academy of Television of Arts and Sciences Best Informational Program when "alt.news 26:46" won four Emmy's in 2001 and 2002. I asked Michael if he had any tips for producers working with the RED and here are a few tips: 1. Research your workflow Know before you shoot how you are going to deliver your final product. Is it going to be finished for Television or for Theatrical Distribution? Or Both? 2. The cheaper you go with RED the slower you will move If you just invest in the minimum amount of production and post production gear you need you will move a lot slower than if you spend more on better faster gear. 3. Spend upfront time rendering If you render out all your footage ahead of time so that you can edit without rendering your workflow is going to go a lot smoother and you will finish faster.