5 Tips for New Web Video Producers – From What the Buck

Today I'm at NewTeeVee live in San Francisco and by using Twitter I managed to track down and get an interview with Michael Buckley the Host,Writer and Producer, "What the Buck?" Michel Buckley didn’t have an Internet connection or any writing/hosting experience when he started the What the Buck Show in the summer of 2006 in fact he was on public access TV but when his cousin posted one of the clips on YouTube he started getting viewers. Now, over 400 videos later, What the Buck? is the 7th Most Subscribed channel on YouTube with over 270,000 subscribers and 95 million views. In July 2008, Buck signed a multi-platform development deal with HBO. He recently left his day job and is a full time Internet personality. As one of the web's breakout stars of the year Michael's scripted show makes fun of celebrities but making the show is just part of the job. Here are six tips for new and old Internet video publishers alike: 1. Find a format that works for you Don't try and copy someone else's show just because their show is getting views. Come up with a show idea that you care about. 2. Enjoy what you are doing If you don't enjoy what you are working on you are not going to do great job. You need to enjoy everything about your own show so that you can be passionate about it. 3. Don't get discouraged Don't give up. If you know you have emotionally engaging content keep at it. People will eventually find great content and share it with their friends. 4. Get Enganged If people connect with your show they will want to interact with you. Be "present" with the experience and engage your audience by replying to their questions and comments so that you continue the conversation and keep viewers coming back for more. Your audience will be glad that you are there. 5. Repost old videos that are good Don't let dead videos just sit there. If you know you have a video that people will want to watch but they haven't found it yet, delete it and repost it. Remember if they haven't seen it it's new to them.