Vids - Tim Street Stolen sex tapes, hidden camera videos, surveillance photos and private phone messages of his affairs with other women as well as covert dealings with U.S. and foreign officials are but a few of the things that Hartley posts on her website of revenge after she’s been jilted by her married Washington lobbyist lover Bill. The Nation’s Capital has just seen the biggest sex scandal in the history of the United States and things “Inside the Beltway” as the Washington insiders call it, are a buzz with the disappearance of a California Congressman’s Intern. To top if off September 11th made for the worst Autumn Washington has ever seen. In the midst of it all this sexy, young, alluring, woman who will stop at nothing to get revenge on her wealthy, handsome, lobbyist, ex-lover goes missing. Take an interactive voyeuristic journey into the life of a cheating, corrupt Washington Lobbyist as he discovers hidden camera footage of his secret life posted on the Internet for the world to see and tries everything in his power to stop the woman behind it. Watch private videos, see surveillance photos and read excerpts of Hartley’s personal journal to uncover the truth and discover what really happened to this young intelligent woman who’s been missing for over ten years. "VIDS" is now available on the iBookStore join the Facebook Page and sign up for my mailing list.
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