AXE is using the Power of Web Video Again

Jaime Pressley and Jamie Earl are cast in this advertainment video from AXE that shows men how they can clean their balls. What's interesting is that not only is this video available on Youtube but it's also being served as a 300 x 250 banner ad. That should jack up the numbers on Youtube. If you "act now" you can also receive a free scrubby to clean your balls. Remember, "If you have dirty balls that need cleaning, check out this very important message from Axe." Balls  CYB  Axecyb  Axe  Effect  Dirty  Sports  Detailer  Shower  Gel  Body  spray  Monica  Blake  Old  Ball  sack  free  funny  LOL  dirty  infomercial commercial  demonstration  film  video  shower  tool  scrub  soap  BBH  Harold  Einstein  Tennis  Soccer  Golf  Small  Big  Station  Films  comedy parody giveaway  demo  QVC
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