Do You Need to Make a Video Ad? For $99?

Videos are pretty hot right now and as a media marketing professional looking into advertising with Internet marketing you should do a little market research and consider if advertising agencies, email marketing, direct marketing, television advertising or video marketing are right for you. In these troubled economic times you should be looking at every way you can cut corners and still be effective. With web video there are free advertising options out there but you still need to create the banner ad, rich media ad or video advertisement to place in that free spot. AdGrinder is something you should consider. Tony Kats and Josh Paul from Aweli, the guys behind AdGrinder bought me lunch at Fred 62 and then took me across the street to The House of Pies for some great cocoa nut cream pie. After pie they told me about AdGrinder. For marketers and small business owners who can't afford a high price ad agency AdGrinder is a great little tool to get the word out about your product of service and get that word out on video. I also think PR / publicity types should take a look at AdGrinder for doing VNRs - Video News Releases. (I get so many press releases about video products and there's no video to go along with it. - Can you say missed opportunity?) By using AdGrinder, any size business small medium or large can create a high-quality video advertisement FOR $99. Instead of having to choose between pre-made ads that are used by multiple businesses, AdGrinder let’s you make your unique ad the way you want to. Now not everyone is a compelling advertising creative but this tool is so simple just about anyone can use it by choosing your own images and your own background music, adding your own text and providing your own voice-over. In five short steps and in less than three minutes, and without having or needing any technical skill, you can have an Video ad that is ready to post on the Internet. If you chat with Tony or Paul or use their service please let them know so I get more House of Pies!