“Got Milk?” Makes a Major Viral Video Mistake

"Got Milk?" the campaign that can do no wrong has spilled the milk on their latest branded entertainment extravaganza that is FAR OUT. The "Got Milk?" folks have created a new branded entertainment viral video campaign in conjunction with a new sweepstakes targeting High School students. But after 6 days on YouTube their videos that are getting National TV ad spends only have 23,610 views on YouTube. You know the video sharing site that High School students watch instead of TV? The problem is that the "Got Milk?" TV commercials are driving traffic to the Branded Entertainment site, milkquarious.com that has it's own video player. That's great, but that costs them money AND when you go there to watch the Milkquarious Videos which by the way are FUN in an Austin Powers / Shaft kind of way YOU CAN'T GRAB AN EMBED CODE!!!! WTF???? What kind of Rookie mistake is this? Or does their ad agency make more money by doing it this way? I am soooo confused. Why would you try to have a viral campaign that is using TV to drive traffic and then send viewers to a site that doesn't jack up your YouTube views? If you want to reach teen age high school students go to YouTube. If you are going to spend money on TV advertising to target High School students have your adds go to a site with a YouTube video and make sure there is an embed code that your visitors can embed and place on their sites. This way you will get more views on YouTube and more High School students will see your video with millions of views on YouTube and you will get more and more views, more people embeding your videos and more Milkquarious LOVE! Got It? Oh, and the "Got Milk?" people also didn't tag their videos with the words, "funny, sexy, hot, or girl" which the videos seem to have and will get you more views. The sad thing is, after a post like this the people who could use my help the most will never hire me but hopefully you, my loyal blog visitors, friends and family will in some way benefit from this rant and use the information to get more view of your viral video! ;)
  • http://www.RocketsTail.com J. Sibley Law

    Nicely Said. I’d curious to see the overall budget for this and to hear what their actual objective is; if it isn’t to drive traffic or increase views. Weird.

  • http://softmachinecubed.com/ Richard Walker

    The Milkquarious.com thing was a mystery to me from day one.

    Who the hell is going to type that into the browser? Not me!