Hollywood Star Discovers Creative Freedom with Web Series

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Award winning Actor / Comedian and now Director Kevin Pollak has co-wrote, produced and directed his first web video series discovering total creative freedom and control with his new web series Vamped Out.

Jason Antoon, actor and co-writer, does an outstanding job of playing a real vampire, trying to make it as an actor in Hollywood, who is being followed by documentary filmmaker who is played by Pollak.

“In a world gone crazy with movies, TV shows and books, featuring far too many beautiful vampires, what if you were a real one, who couldn’t get hired to “be” one?”

Vamped Out is a weekly series featuring 6 installments from a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Elliot Finke (Pollak.) During the spring and summer of 2009, Elliot shot what he believed was the first documentary of an actual vampire. While in postproduction, he went missing.

The subject of “Vamped Out”, Alowisus Hewson, is a 35 year old struggling actor who lives with his charming girlfriend, Marie, a 33 year old nurse at a local blood bank. We also meet and get to know Al’s manager, 27 year old Billy Goldborg (played by Samm Levine who almost steals the show), who lives and works out of Al’s guest house. Oh, and Alowisus claims to be a 172 year old vampire. He also insists he spoon-fed an entirely false mythology about vampires to Bram Stoker, a Dublin theater critic at the time. According to Al, because of this misinformation, vampires literally walk among us, fearing not sun light, silver crosses, garlic nor holy water. Sure they need blood to sustain life, but never need to feed from humans or animals. Where they do get it from is one of many comical surprises that make this series what it is, better than ALL the others. Combined. Muuhahahaha!

Vamped Out is not Pollak’s first web project Kevin also just won a Streamy Award for best host of his Chat show.

I was able to see all 6 episodes of Vamped Out that premier on Babelgum April 12th (with a new episode every Monday for six weeks.) and I loved it. Vamped Out is a juicy, smart comedy in the vain of Arrested Development. I think it will do well for Kevin and his team as well as Babelgum.

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