How Do I Get Advertisers For My Videos? : Zadby

At the NewTeeVee Live conference I was stopped by Beau Brewer from Zadby and he explained to me how I could use Zadby to meet advertisers and sponsors and make a 80% / 20% split on the revenune. I haven't had a chance to really check out Zadby yet but Beau told me that he has already made some money for Greg Benson of Mediocrefilms so I will be kicking the tires of Zadby soon. Here's an explaination from the Zadby site: "Zadby is an online marketplace where advertisers, marketers, and brand managers can connect with freelance video producers to create innovative product placement videos tailored for sites like YouTube and MySpace. Zadby facilitates the creation, posting, tracking, and payment for online videos with product placement angles. Advertisers and brand managers, wishing to raise awareness for their brand, can commission the development of videos through our online marketplace. Since Zadby takes care of the administrative pieces, this frees up the brand manager to think about what they do best: steward the brand. Online video producers, who currently create millions of videos a year for online consumption through outlets like YouTube, now have a market where they can earn money from what they love to do anyway: creating videos. Zadby sits in the middle and acts as the glue and the grease to pull it all together in a seamless manner. It provides all the tools and the legal frameworks to allow each party to do what they do best, just connected in a new and innovative way."