How To Kill a Video by Committee: Internet Explorer 8 History of Net

I have no knowledge of how this video was produced I only thought it was an incredible concept (A History of the Net) that in my guestimation was watered down to what it is. I can only imagine what they paid to produce it.
  • Ryan Hupfer

    Awesome, Tim — thanks for posting this up.

    I thought that it was a little long, but still really good. It’s good to see that Alex Bogusky and crew are giving Microsoft a little bit more street(web) cred (

    Also — adding Ask A Ninja was a nice touch…not to mention that we now live in a world where Ask A Ninja is included in the same video as A-list celebs (maybe a topic for a future post?).

    Web video has come a long way, my friend. But, of course you knew that, right? :)

  • Rachel

    That was really good. It was insightful, funny, and thoughtful. I almost forget about the dial up years, and that was just really oh like four to five years ago. Everything is changing so fast. Wow~! Hard to keep up..Social networking, that is something I must say, I wasn’t really hip to until like two years ago. Now, its like a necessary evil to promote, market, and even stay in touch with friends. Crazy!!

    Please check, a new VLOG series that I have. Thanks. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. Thanks.