Independent Creative Freedom

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Today marks a fun day for me. It’s Independence Day, the day I published a book for sale on the iBookStore and I didn’t need anyone’s permission to do it.

Many times I ask video web series creators, YouTubers and Podcasters, “What’s the best thing that can happen to you with your project?” The answers I get range from; “I’ll get lots of views.” to “I get more listeners.”and “I’ll find a sponsor.” I then ask them, “And then what?” “Well, a, um, good things will happen.” “Good things like what?”

What is the best thing that can happen to you with your project?

For me the best thing that can happen is sustainable creative freedom. I’ve published a project that I’ve been working on for over ten years and I hope I can make more projects like it.

It’s a story of a woman who gets dumped by her married Washington lobbyist lover but rather than slink away into a corner she stalks him, she hides cameras, she catches him with other women and posts it all the on the internet for his wife, his D.C. friends and the Justice Department to see.

The book contains dozens of photos and over 90 minutes of video that you watch as you read it on your iPad and I put the eBook together myself using Apple’s iBooks Author. I love iBooks Author. Don’t get me wrong, IBA has its quirks and there were several times I didn’t think I would make my Independence Day deadline but I did and I feel great about it. If you have ever used Apple Keynote iBooks Author will feel very familiar and you should go download it now for free.

As for my book, if you have an iPad 2 you can download a free sample of Vids – Tim Street on the iBookStore.

Vids - Tim Street

Whether you are an Independent Filmmaker, a Video Web Series Creator, a Podcaster, a musician, a blogger, a magician, a juggler or any other creative person who has been giving their content away for free in hopes of one day making enough money to keep doing it please take a look at the book I’ve created and think about how you could package your content for sale in an enhanced eBook.

My hope is that if by downloading this free eBook preview and taking a look you will be inspired to create an eBook that uses photos, audio and video to tell a story or share something you are passionate about and in doing so you will find creative freedom.

Chase your dreams!

  • ronploof

    Congrats, Tim. I can’t wait to read/view/enjoy it.


  • Rick Wolff

    I started reading it, and it’s firing all kinds of synapses for me. I just found an app called Hype (, that lets you put all kinds of HTML5 and CSS3 animations and designs into a .wdgt that you can import into iBooks Author. I smelled “narrative” soon after. And your project sort of gives me the permission I know I didn’t need. Sort of a shot of a starter’s pistol. I’ll go in a totally different direction, that’s for sure.

  • ApeDigital

    Thanks Ron 

  • Tim Street

    Thanks Ron.

  • Tim Street

    Rick, I’m glad I’ve infected you.

    I’ve been looking at Hype as well. Someone at Vidcon told me about it cause I’m looking for other ways to create ePubs for Kindle and other eBook platforms.

    Please keep me updated on your progress. I’d love to know what you come up with.

    I’m working on some blog posts about this whole process and hope to start posting them soon.

  • Mildred

    This absolutely rules.  Podcast must be done.