Making a Living in Online Video

I had drinks the other night with Miles Beckett at the Pink Taco in Century City. After a few Mexican Beers and some great service from some of the friendliest Models/Actresses/Waitresses in Hollywood I was able to get some valuable information out of one of the few producers who is making a living in online video. Miles Beckett and his business partner Greg Goodfried are the guys behind the Internet phenomenon lonelygirl15. They also gave up professional careers (Miles was a doctor. Greg was a lawyer.) to pursue the creative rewards of online video. The interesting thing about Miles and Greg is that not only are they pioneers in web video with their own projects, they are also guides for hire when it comes to helping other content creators figure out the online video space. With some smart partnering they managed to take the success of LG15 and raise $5 million to start their digital studio EQAL. Now they are helping known brands like CBS, Paula Deen and event Anthony E. Zuiker the creator of the hit TV Show CSI navigate this new digital space. Miles and Greg understand what it takes to build an audience and an emotionally engaged community. Something that everyone in this space will have to learn soon or they won't be able to make a living in online video. Anthony E. Zuiker,CBS,Century City, Greg Goodfried,lonelygirl15,LG15,making a living in online video, Mexican Beers,Miles Beckett,Paula Deen,Pink Taco,Pink Taco in Century City