mdialog Announces New Beta with Facebook App

At SXSW I caught up with one of my sponsors for French Maid TV Greg Philpott of mDialog™ and he told me about a new mdialog BETA where you share your mDialog™ network on Facebook. According to Greg, the new beta is " a faster, better and easier way to record, broadcast and share videos with your Facebook friends and fans - and get instant feedback by creating your own surveys, contests, ratings and reviews. Paired with the mDialog™ application for iPhone, the ideas can keep rolling wherever you go." To test it out and post your videos to your Facebook Wall and News Feeds using mLoader™, click here and login into you Facebook account to add the mDialog™ application. Or just sign into and select any video you would like to share on Facebook and click the 'Add to Facebook' button on our Socialize window. Greg has been a great guy to me and has helped me a lot. If you have some constructive critiques that can help Greg make his service fo everyone please let me know.