Online Video Leaders: Andrew Baron

Online Video Leaders a series of blog posts to honor those pioneers who have laid the groundwork in getting Internet video to where it is today. On October 26, 2004, Andrew Baron launched a daily news video blog with co-creator and host Amanda Congdon called Rocketboom. Andrew's comic newscast was inspirational to the likes of Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine of Ask A Ninja as well as Tiki Bar TV's Jeff Macpherson who inspired me to create French Maid TV. Since then Andrew Baron has gone on to inspire many others and both in creating videos and in political activities.    Early on Andrew pushed the boundaries of online video super distribution in the early days making his show available for consumption on as many different formats as possible. Andrew was also the first to explore alternative advertising models by auctioning off Rocketboom's advertising on ebay. After a few bumps in the road like breaking up with his partner Amanda, replacing her as host and a few false starts on partnering with others, Andrew signed a distribution and advertising deal this year with Sony Pictures Television for a seven-figure guarantee plus a share of future revenues generated by the show.  Rocketboom is now distributed across many digital platforms like Sony's Crackle, the PS3, the PSP and Bravia Internet video link televisions. Rocketboom is also be available on its website, TiVo, iTunes, Miro, Apple TV, Pando, TVTonic and other web video portals, including YouTube, Metacafe, and Vuze.   My sympathies go out to Andrew as last week he lost his father to cancer but even as his father lay dying this true leader of online video used the tools of the Internet and social media to try and save his father's life. In doing so Andrew has shed light on drugs that may one day be of help to others with the type of cancer his father had.   I think Andrew Baron will continue to break new ground in online video and inspire others to do so as well.   You can read Andrew Baron's blog at