Online Video Leaders: Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf of EPIC FU

They started out on their own with a Pop Culture show called Jet Set but after renaming it EPIC FU and going through two Network Deals they are still standing and with a bigger audience who love their show. Webby Award Winners and a two-time nominees with over 30 Million views Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf are true Online Video Leaders. I had some spicy gumbo ya ya at the Farmer's Market in Hollywood the other night with Steve and Zadi and I asked them about what they have learned along the way. The told me some great information about their experiences and gave out some interesting tips. From politics to to technology to musicians to artists EPIC FU is always covering the hip and relevant pop culture of our time and Zadi and Steve have approached the business side of web video with the same talent, passion and artistry of which they cover in their show. Steve and Zadi first created their show in 06 as Jet Set on their own then signed with Next New Networks for a marketing and distribution deal. In OCT of 07 change the name to EPIC FU (If you are interested in WHY ) and then went to Revision3 for a different but similar deal. In 08 they left Revision3 and are now back out on their own changing the landscape of media. It's hard for Steve and Zadi to talk about the whole business specifics but they seem to have not burned any bridges and still get together with NNN founder Fred Siebert (MTV employee number 1 and the guy that came up with "I want my MTV.") and he even gives them advice. Even though they didn't tell me all the juicy details of their deals they did give me some great advice for independent web video series producers. TIPS FOR INDEPENDENT WEB PRODUCERS Study what you like and don't like about web video networks and take the good parts and use them. Don't Sit Back - Be Proactive - You can't expect a network to do everything for you. You know your brand better than anyone. Be in control of your brand and communicate that to any network you are partnered with. Keep experimenting and see what works for you. Keep working on other projects besides your main passion because there is always a "GAME OVER" and you want to be ready so that when you are asked, "What else are you working on?" you can tell the interested party what other ideas you have and maybe get some funding for that other project. Currently Steve and Zadi are working on a new show and exploring the option of launching an EPIC FU Network as well as looking into international format rights and distribution. Again making Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf true Online Video Leaders.
  • Steve Woolf

    Thanks for a really great post and for the interview! Tim Street makes us all look good. :)

  • 1TimStreet

    Thanks for the comment Steve.

    You two have set the bar pretty high for the rest of us and I think you are going to see some payoff this year.

    Keep up the great work, EPIC FU is an inspiration to us all.

  • Zadi

    Tim, thanks so much for the great post and the kind comments, we really appreciate them. You’ve done a really amazing job of documenting this moment in time in new media for content creators. I can see us all looking back on your videos and learning so much. Thanks again, you rock!

  • Topher

    The advice of there will be a ‘Game Over’ with every project is totally sound.

    I friend who makes independent films said to me”Don’t be married to your projects”. One must be totally committed and also be willing to jump full onto your next new idea.

  • 1TimStreet

    Thanks Topher.

    So are you a creative Casanova?

  • Spence

    Good interview and great advice.

  • kevie

    great interview Tim i was wondering when you were gonna interview them. On a side note for some reason i want to watch back to the future.(heheh)

  • 1TimStreet

    Thanks Spence.

  • 1TimStreet

    Thanks for the comment kevie.

    You lost me on the back to the future reference.

  • paul

    top video tip

    avoid funfairs and arguing couples

    nice content tho