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People often ask me how to get more followers on Twitter as if having a large number of followers will win them a prize and make them rich. Social media and social media marketing are not about winning a popularity contest. Social media is about providing relevant information to people who care about it. It's like a cocktail party. You don't just walk into a cocktail party, walk up to a group of people you don't know and start telling them about your super great new online video series that they didn't ask about. You walk into a cocktail party and listen to a conversation and wait for an appropriate time to interject or be invited to comment. Most times it's best to ask other people questions and talk about them rather that talk about yourself. The same is true on Twitter and other social networking sites. If you want to grow your numbers listen to other people who are talking about the topics that you are interested in, then comment, ask questions, ReTweet their comments or share links to their sites. Once you find that people are interested in your show share news about it but don't jam it down their throat. Give it to them in a fun way. Present it like fine hors d'oeuvres for the sampling. You wouldn't like it if someone jammed some weenies in your face. Don't do it to other people. Take for example the above video, Visual Effects and the Art from LA411 and Variety 411. It's part of Production Tech Tips, a monthly video series of shorts focusing on the tools being used and developed for the film, video, and online production world. Imagine that, two industry resources providing more resources for their community. For more information about the Visual Effects Society, please visit the following website: For more information about the videos production company that made the video please visit: Get Premium Video WordPress Themes Visual Effects Society, Phil Tippett, Hollywood, special effects, movie magic, Wall, Austin Lee, Victor Navone, Jay Schuster, Jashua Wassung, The Third Floor, Previs, Studio, Eagle Eye, Jim Berney, David Smith, Kung Fu Panda, Markus Manninen, John Stevenson, Mark Osborne, Andrew Stanton, Iron Man, Hal Hickel, Ben Snow, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Steve Preeg VFX, Visual Effects , Social Media, Social Media Marketing