Spectacle, Story, 2 or More Emotions and Felicia Day

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Original Music by Paul Dateh and Ken Belcher (www.PaulDateh.com)
Makeup / Style by Tracie Cotta
Love and support by Bonny Pierzina
I often speak at conventions about what it takes to create a viral video. The ingredients of a viral video are simple: Spectacle, Story and move 2 or More Emotions. But who you get to cook those ingredients makes all the difference in the world. The Bui Brothers are well on their way in becoming viral video chefs with a series of videos that they are producing that showcase Internet celebrities like Veronica Belmont, Sarah Atwood and most recently, The Guild's Creator, Star and current Online Video It Girl, Felicia Day. Each of these videos shows a behind the scenes look at a Bui Brothers photo shoot and markets the photographic and video production skills of Vu Bui and Lan Bui in a fun, elegant and emotionally engaging way. Now keep in mind that these videos are not the kind of videos that will go SUPER VIRAL but they are videos that will get lots of "TWOVE" on Twitter and will be passed around the online video community with love, care and respect. How many demo reels or portfolios can you think of that will do that? In his book World Wide Rave, Marketing, Leadership Speaker & Number #1 bestselling Author David Meerman Scott talks about creating free triggers that make people want what it is that you have. The Bui Brothers have done just that with these short portfolio videos that not only show the creativity that these men have but also showcase how easy they are to work with and how much fun a photo shoot with them can be. It also doesn't hurt that they have photographed 3 of online video's smartest, funniest and sexiest women.
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