The Bannen Way Interview Part 1 of 3

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Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt the Executive Produers of Hit Web Series The Bannen Way gave me an insider’s view as to how they took their idea, shot a trailer and two episodes, got ICM as their agent and then sold it to a major Hollywood Studio. This is part 1 of 3 segments.

  • Matt Koval

    Tim, you interrupted them right when Jesse was about to say how they funded the first couple episodes — do you know if they personally put up the money? Thanks.

  • Tim Street

    Good Question Matt. Jesse, Mark, did you guys run up your credit cards on the trailer and the two episodes you did or did you have investors?

  • Web TV Prep

    This is brilliant. Nice work Tim…and Mark and Jesse.

  • Tim Street

    Jesse Warren replied to me in an email, “I basically funded everything myself”

    ~ JW