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From Crackle: Trailer
If you haven't had a chance to check out the trailer for Crackle's new series The Bannen Way I suggest you do. This trailer is not the first trailer for The Bannen Way but it still has the essence of the original trailer that launched an unknown actor and director on their careers by selling their idea to Sony and setting the entire town of Hollywood a buzz about their new Web Series / Electronic Sell Through Feature. That's right, the day the first episode of The Bannen Way premiers on Crackle, the entire feature length film with be available to purchase on iTunes. - Pretty cool. I've been after an interview with Actor, co-writer and executive producer Mark Gantt and co-creator, co-writer, director, and executive producer Jesse Warren for about a year, hopefully I will have their story here before the first episode of The Bannen Way comes out Jan 6.