(Video) Video Advertisng & RSS Syndication

At the NewTeeVee Live 09 event I ran into Brian Walsh CEO and Founder Castfire and ask him about his audio and video publishing and syndication platform and what it can do for web video series producers to help them with their video advertising. One of the coolest things about Castfire is that it allows content producers to deliver dynamic ad insertion into Video RSS (Video Podcasts) as well as serve cross promos and branding in Quicktime. And it works on all other flavors of online video including Flash, Windows Media Player and ever other video file format. From interactive agencies to sports teams like the Red Skins to PBS's KCRW to individual online video content creators Castfire has a great service for episodic branded content.
  • Matt Koval

    Sounds good, I’m gonna check out the Castfire site.

    Tim, I was a little disappointed we didn’t get the whip-pan and the “Woo!” at the end of the video. Come on, man, that’s your THING!

  • http://1timstreet.com Tim Street

    Matt, Due to circumstances beyond my control I’m sorry to report that I will be retiring the whip-pan and the “Woo!”

    That is unless there is a public outcry for its return. ;)