What Do You Know About Your Brand’s Social Media Metrics and Behavioral Analytics?

I run into a lot of smart people in my travels but I think Dan Neely might just be one of the smartest ones out there. Dan is the Founder and CEO of Networked Insights a company that builds software tools that analyze the social web to help advertisers and marketers make better strategic and tactical decisions. They aren't just interested in the loudest voice in the room and tracking the things you already know about. They listen to the silent majority (in addition to the vocal minority) and they uncover concepts that you might never be aware of. They also generate insights that provide a continuous feedback loop for companies. "It's a HAL-9000 for today's company." So say you are launching a new video campaign and you want to not only know where your videos are being watch but what people are saying relevant things about them positive of negative and where they are being shared and clicked on, Dan can help. Not only does Dan's company help you keep track of all the social media metrics and behavioral analytics they help you put together an action plan on how to address the conversation that is happening and set up a strategy to steer things in the right direction. The only downside I see is for independent content producers that can't afford the $10,000 per month price tag but I wouldn't be surprised if some day in the future someone does a deal with Dan to offer the tool set at a lower price point to a group of web video producers.