What’s the Best Way to Make Money with Online Video? : Acquisition

"What's the Best Way to Make Money with Online Video?" is a blog series that investigates the different ways to make money with online video. This post is about: Acquisition. Adam Eland and Jeff Marks (Jeff was a little shy but I got him sitting at his desk in the background of the interview) are the creators of WallStrip.com and with their other partner, Howard Lindzon managed to raised $600,000 from angels and friends to produce this web series where pop culture meets stock culture. Next, with the help of their first smart and funny host Lindsay Campbell they built a loyal following and were then acquired by CBS Interactive for somewhere around $4 Million in May of 2007. Since then the WallStrip team created another online show for CBS MobLogic.tv and they run the CBS Interactive Web Originals Department in New York City. What's the Best Way to Make Money with Online Video? Well, acquisition is definitely one way that pays off however I'm not sure that in this particular economic time it's the best strategy but that could change. If you have an online video with a huge niche audience that would be of great value to a large media company you might just be able to get an acquisition deal. If you are interested in reaching Journalists, Hollywood Agents, Independent Video Producers, Studio and Network Executives who care about the monetization of online video sponsor 1TimStreet. Contact Tim Street for rates and opportunities. 1timstreet at gmail dot com.