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Buy Plavix Without Prescription, With economic hard times looming online content creators may have to make some cut backs. That said, where can i buy cheapest Plavix online, Plavix interactions, which would you be willing to give up first, Cable TV or High Speed Internet?

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  • Dean Clark

    Cable TV of course. I already live without it. With things such as Hulu along with Podcasts I am able to get all the entertainment I want. I use Podcasts to keep up with tech news and use Hulu to watch the odd show every now and then. I never have been a heavy TV watcher so that my set me apart from some people, but ditching cable TV doesn’t hurt.

    I don’t have an OTA antenna but have considered it int he future for local news channels, just as an FYI.

  • worldofhiglet

    A great question and without doubt I would give up cable first. In fact, if it wasn’t for my kids enjoying Discovery and Treehouse I would have cancelled already. Several friends have already gone cable and satellite free and haven’t looked back.

    I try not to imagine a life without high-speed internet…

  • TimTodd

    Have already give up Cable TV as well. Online and netflix work for me.

  • Mariana Evica

    What is this tee-vee thing you speak of? Seriously, when my budget needed trimming last year, it was one of the first things to go. Didn’t miss it one little bit. I already get 99% of my news via feed, and connect socially for shared video and music. The only thing I use the tv for is watching movies and breaking news on channels like CNN. And when I want something truly brainless and fluffy to nap by. :)

  • barrymcw

    Have already given up cable for internet only. I get all the media I need via the webs.

    As an aside, howdy. I freelanced with you a couple times a couple years ago @ Spark Factory & now I'm listening to you & Daisy on all the podcasts. Hope you're doing great.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Cable TV… especially since I can get TV via internet these days.