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Buy Lasix Without Prescription, Now I've never been one to update my web series content on a regular basis but it's something I'm always wanting to do. I just haven't found a cost effective way of doing it yet, Lasix gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Lasix reviews, But now that I've found a new Rev Share outlet I'm more motivated than ever to come up with a weekly version of French Maid TV so that I can reap all the benefits of fresh content.

I ran into Michael Berkley Co-Founder and CEO of SplashCast and he gave me the scoop on Rev Share for Online Video in widgets for Social Media sites.

SplashCast is distributing content and sharing revenue for Sony BMG, Warner Bros., Lasix used for, Herbal Lasix, Universal and MTV as well as bloggers, video bloggers and anyone who already has compelling content with distribution, Lasix without a prescription. Effects of Lasix, There is one caveat: SpalshCast needs to be able to sell advertising against your content. If they can find a brand that is willing to buy your video advertising inventory then it's a go, Lasix gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Lasix dangers, If the sales peeps at SplashCast don't think they can sell your video content to an advertiser they won't take it on.

Keep in mind you could come to SplashCast with an advertiser yourself and they might help you distribute.

If you do strike a deal with SplashCast you could get a standard 50% / 50% Rev share deal or as high as 70% / 30% if you are selling the advertising.

SplashCast is looking for video content that is episodic in nature and already has a meaningful audience with 100,000s of views that they can help turn into viral videos.

THE BIG TIP: The shelf life for video content inside a widget on social networks is very short unless the content is refreshed on a regular consistent basis, Lasix photos. Lasix over the counter, Unless you create and post new content on a regular basis people will drop your widget from their site.

There are other rev share deals for video out there and if you have one that you would like to chat with me about please let me know.. Lasix coupon. Order Lasix online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy cheap Lasix no rx. Lasix forum. What is Lasix. Lasix results. Rx free Lasix. Lasix from canada. Lasix recreational. Where can i buy cheapest Lasix online. Where can i buy Lasix online. Lasix mg. Lasix alternatives. Buy Lasix online no prescription. Where can i find Lasix online. Lasix trusted pharmacy reviews. Lasix natural. Lasix from mexico. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Lasix duration. Lasix reviews. Lasix from canadian pharmacy. Lasix cost. Lasix price. Lasix used for. Purchase Lasix. Doses Lasix work. Get Lasix. Lasix brand name. Lasix pics.

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  • Michael Berkley

    Thanks for the interview, Tim!


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